the Colorado Crooked Seams {and friends}

the Colorado Crooked Seams
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Colorado Crafty;
the CO Crooked Seams and friends

  • ABOUT:

    Community for Colorado Crooked Seams members, other colorado crafters and artisans, and anyone who just likes to make stuff, or wants to keep up with our doings.

    we welcome everything crafty:



    Mfound art assembly and shadowboxing




    Mknitting and crocheting





    Mhome décor recycling


    in short, if you can make it with your hands, we welcome your art.

    This community is for show and tell, so if you made it, please post it!

    A few notes on posting:


    M keep the image sizes under
    450 px wide. if you need help resizing an image, please ask for help.

    Mgive credit where credit is due --IOW, if you didn't make it, please let us know where you got the image, or who made it originally.

    Mif you're posting a large image, please use the cut tag. click here to learn how.

    Mdo you need a good image host? the best free host i've found is here -- make an account for yourself and ask us if you don't understand how to generate an image link.

    Mneed an LJ code? please go here: codesharing

  • We are a co-motivational group. This means: no flaming, no
    dissing other people's works, and no catty shit in general.

    Please, keep in mind that without kinesic cues, internet communication tends to come across as a lot colder and harsher than face-to-face communication. Keep your jokes friendly.
    We don't really have to worry about this much, but hey, just in case.

    other resources:

    here are some other communities you may be interested in, since you're here:

    Mcraftgrrl -- the grandmama of all lj craft communities! these ladies are great.

    Mcraftygoth -- another great crafting community.

    Mshemadethis -- a girl crafting community.

    Mcraft_qs -- help for crafting beginners.

    Mhandmadebooks -- bookbinding and, well, handmade books.

    Mpapercrafts -- all sorts of papercrafts!
    -- for knitters.

    Mcrochet -- crocheting.

    Mstitchfreaks -- cross-stitching "and other thready
    bits of crafty goodness." ^_^

    Mbathandbody -- great tips on making your own pamper-yourself

    Msaucydwellings -- home décor lovin'.

    -- cottage industry matters

    Mdiyculture -- DIY culture
    and distros.

    Msew_hip -- sewing.

    Mdarkthreads -- SF version of our group.

    Mtshirt_surgery -- great community about revamping old

    Mbuttonmakers -- buttons, badges, and the like.

    Mpocketshrines -- fun fun!

    there are also a ton of communities for selling your work and advertising auctions, et c., which i'll put up later.

a note on auctions and selling:

i know lots of us make things to sell. it's fine if you post one or two auctions a month, but you may only post auction items which you have made yourself. more than one or two a month, and we will begin to consider this SPAM. transgress too often and you will be removed. sorry, i hate to be a rule nazi, but we're here to share ideas, and there are plenty of places to advertise your merchandise elsewhere.

moderated for now by:


any questions not covered by this FAQ, you can address to me, and i'll do my best to help you out.