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Amalthea's Attic

Do you DIY?

We're adding more consignment pieces to the shop and getting great feedback! Do you have anything you'd like to have featured on the site? Here's the basics for DIY and one of a kind items. What we do is have you photograph your pieces against a plain (preferably white) background and send us the , a description of the item, how much it weighs, and the price you want to charge via email. We post the items on the site until they sell or you ask us to remove them (if they've been sold elsewhere, etc.) We generally take a 25% consignment fee for items such as clothing. For example, if you charged $20 for an item, we'd get $5 and you'd get $15 (though it comes out to a tiny bit less because of paypal fees.) When an item sells, we send you the payment for the item + the shipping costs via paypal or a check, whichever you prefer! If it doesn't sell, we take nothing. It could be up for a year, and you'd pay nothing. That's about it. We ship worldwide and you'd be listed in at least 2 categories, the consignment shop and any other applicable categories (tops, bottoms, etc.) If you have any other questions, or you'd like to give us a whirl, just let us know! You can contact us through our website!
Here's the latest consignment addition:

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