She sees through me (indignant1) wrote in co_crafty,
She sees through me

Att art bus fans.

Apparently the Colorado dept of transportation is trying to shut down the monthly art bus.

For those of you unaware of what the art bus is, it is a group of folks who dress up to reflect a theme that changes monthly, and visits all the galleries on first Friday.
Ordinarily a donation was also asked of those riding the bus, primarily to cover gas costs.
This is what's happening now:

"I received this letter from our wondrous bureaucracy this week...

Oh what fun it is to try and fun in the world today ... hey.

They sent the letter registered, return receipt.
My mail carrier failed to get signature or receipt,
leaving it w/ paperwork still attached in my mailbox.

Is driving friends to art galleries in your RV really illegal?

dragon daud
ArtAtArt mailing list"

Pass this on to anyone who you may think is interested, anyone who may offer legal advice, and overall spread the word.
This is ridiculous.
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