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She sees through me

As Zorro says:

"There is no shame in being poor, only in being poorly dressed"

So what's a girl to do when her wardrobe lacks and she has no funds?
Why she

The work of several hours this afternoon......using fabric I had in my stockpile.
Shirt numero uno:
Image hosted by
Copied off a prexisting black and white stripe shirt I have.
I have more of this fabric and may make another in a different style (looks better on a human body, but alas, I have no one to hold the camera)

Shirt dos:
Image hosted by
I call this the gothic jock shirt. Made of a black stretchy fabric with white pinstripes that border seethru stripes. I was originally going to put on a white collar but I have several of these red knit ones I got for free at a fabric shop, so I figured why not. The red thing on the chest is a little red & black tiger stripe embroidered applique.
All off my own pattern and design.

And both these shirts were made on my ancient Kenmore while the knee pedal kept alternately sticking causing the machine to continue sewing when I wanted it to stop.
I want to make another shirt this afternoon, but I need someone to look at the knee pedal first...there's a reason why there's no 'cruise control' on sewing machines.

Anywho, just thought I'd share.


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