art auction [11 September 2009|02:45PM]


help kids, donate art!
we need art pieces to auction off to help keep music in schools through the Hot Topic Foundation. we have only received about 10 pieces & need many more. just drop them off at any Hot Topic by Sept. 25th. the show is Sept. 27th at Sol Tribe on Broadway.
the pieces may be any size or medium.


Are you crafty [02 June 2009|12:24AM]

We're looking for falls vendors for the Attic. If you'd like an opportunity to get your work seen by our audience, contact us at the site! We'd love to hear from you. Also, if you make any other cyber, gothic, or punk, clothing, accessories, or art, we'd love for you to make us your second home!

Do you DIY? [07 January 2009|02:40PM]

We're adding more consignment pieces to the shop and getting great feedback! Do you have anything you'd like to have featured on the site? Here's the basics for DIY and one of a kind items. What we do is have you photograph your pieces against a plain (preferably white) background and send us the , a description of the item, how much it weighs, and the price you want to charge via email. We post the items on the site until they sell or you ask us to remove them (if they've been sold elsewhere, etc.) We generally take a 25% consignment fee for items such as clothing. For example, if you charged $20 for an item, we'd get $5 and you'd get $15 (though it comes out to a tiny bit less because of paypal fees.) When an item sells, we send you the payment for the item + the shipping costs via paypal or a check, whichever you prefer! If it doesn't sell, we take nothing. It could be up for a year, and you'd pay nothing. That's about it. We ship worldwide and you'd be listed in at least 2 categories, the consignment shop and any other applicable categories (tops, bottoms, etc.) If you have any other questions, or you'd like to give us a whirl, just let us know! You can contact us through our website!
Here's the latest consignment addition:
Custom Flame BootsCollapse )

We're looking for artists! [05 January 2009|11:51AM]

Want to sell your art, music , DIY clothing, or falls at Amalthea's Attic? Drop us a line! We're currently expanding our product lines and we'd love to work with you. Check out the site for details, we offer both wholesale purchase and consignment and will work with you to find what works best for you. If you're ready to get out there, and need some help doing it, check us out!


Calling all artists! [28 December 2008|12:12AM]

Want to sell your art, falls, clothing or music at Amalthea's Attic? Drop us a line! We're currently looking for new artists and we'd love to work with you. Not sure if we'd take your creations? It never hurts to ask!
Check out the site for details, we offer both wholesale purchase and consignment and will work with you to find what works best for you. If you're ready to get out there, and need some help doing it, check us out!


Holiday Freak Gift/Craft Fair [11 December 2008|08:48PM]

Holiday Freak Gift/Craft Fair
Saturday, December 13th & 14th
12 PM - 5 PM

2711 Larimer St
Denver, CO 80205

We will be hosting a a Holiday Gift/Craft Fair at the warehouse for all of our freaky friends . If you need some extra cash and make or sell neat stuff, bring it over! If you are looking for interesting gifts for your friends or family, stop by and shop from your community! (If you're neither, just come down for a hot cup of cider!!)

Anyone who would like to sell, please RSVP to Calamity(Meg) ASAP so that we can plan space for you. 401-935-8784

This is a totally free event. There is no fee to sell or enter. We encourage barter/trade among the merchants as well.

Gooph will be dressing up as Sandy Clause (but just so he can get people to sit on his lap!) and handing out candy and cider.

wax recycling (long) (xposted to modchenblog) [18 December 2007|08:46PM]

[ mood | creative ]

how i recycle wax, or,

bright diversions for dark days


i like peak candle for supplies, because they're local, and they're really nice -- every time i order from them i get a free fragrance sampler, and they pay attention: they seem to intuit that i like food smells, so i get free stuff like apple pie, raspberry, amish harvest and so on.

also, they're reasonably priced: an important factor for someone so cheap that she actually recycles her wax. :)

so, to do this in your kitchen, you need some basic things:

- wax, which you have been collecting old bits and ends of all year long

- a shape to put it in, unless you want to spend all day dipping tapers. (i collect all my bits and ends in one place, and i happen to like jars and seven-day candles a lot, so i collect empties of those too. if you like pillars, you can buy molds in dozens of shapes and sizes. since i almost exclusively use containers, that's what this howto will concern. if you want howtos for pillars, there are bunches on the intarwebs. ask me and i'll point you at one.)
>>note: you want to test your containers first, for watertightness. wash it out, then fill it. it if leaks, or drips, use it for a plant instead.

- wicking, so it will burn when you set fire to it. (i buy wicking one size larger than i need. it helps the flame not drown in its own meltpool. i use unwaxed flatbraid. have not tried zinc-core wicking yet, but i do notice that most seven-day candles use it. )

- a double boiler, to melt it down. i use a large pot and an old jumbo metal coffee can.

some other things which will help:

- wick tabs, which will weight the wick's bottom and help keep it straight.

i use the leftovers from tealights and votives and my seven-day candles: you can use them several times. i just take a big old knitting needle and yoink 'em out, clean them (carefully; the edges can be sharp) with an old rag, open them up with the needle and a hammer if necessary, and they're ready to go.
>> note: some people also do things like tying a small metal washer or nut to the bottom of the wick to weight it, or use a safety pin to stick the wick to the bottom of the mold or container. you could do that if you don't want to buy wick tabs, although tying the wick sounds like a waste of wicking to me. i might consider the safetypin method if i weren't so fastidious about saving my pre-used wick tabs.

- wax dye. as you know if you ever tried to make a GIANT SUPERCRAYON from your crayons in your errant youth, when you mix all different colors of wax together you get something not unlike the color of a peat bog. if you don't care about this, right on. if not, you can get liquid dye, dye chips, or pigment chips. i like the color of red wine, so i use magenta and coffee brown, and i use liquid because a little bit goes so very far.

- smell-good. bits and ends have all sorts of different fragrances, some of which may smell funky indeed when blended together. also, wax dye has its own smell, which you will recognize as soon as you smell it: it's the smell of every cheap candle you've ever bought in your life. if this doesn't bother you, read on. if it does, you can get any of hundreds of different scents on the intarwebs. i usually do this in the winter, and i like food-scents: cinnamon goes well with my color scheme (and i'm inordinately attached to it: someone once walked into my house and yelped, "french toast!" or something similarly inspiring), and so do hazelnut, pumpkin spice, apple-whatever, coffee scents, et c.
you picks what you likes.
>> note that adding things like actual spices or extracts for this purpose isn't the best idea: finely ground things can travel up the wick and clog it, and things like whole cloves can actually explode. doesn't that sound fun? i want to try it but i know i really shouldn't. think about it! you could have your own etsy shop just selling Fabulous Explodey Clove Candles!
okay, yeah, bad idea. don't do that. things that are oil-based may or may not work correctly with the wax, things that are waterbased will likely just evaporate out during processing, things that are powder-based will get gummy and/or sink to the bottom, solids... yeah.

- a bunch of small sticks or even sections of old straws, to hang the wicks at the top. each needs to be wider than the mouth of your containers or molds. i make mine about 3" long; if you're making a big ol' 3-wicked fat pillar, make yours longer. you need one for each wick.

- implements, the disposable kind, like used bamboo skewers and other pokey-stirry things.

- potholders, rags and wipey-things.

things which i use because i am insane:

- an awesome pair of goggles

- a bloodspattered-looking lab coat

- huge gloves

- a frequent maniacal cackle

because, you know, when you're doing kitchen alchemy is really when you should feel free to let loose all your mad-scientist. reprazent.

cut goes here before the directions.Collapse )

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[31 August 2007|06:39PM]


feather hair clipsCollapse )
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reminder [26 July 2007|03:35PM]

craft is cool.

you can do stuff like this.

safety pin jacket


[14 April 2007|05:18PM]

oh god steampunk men are so hot.

butterick patterns on 2-day sale for 4.99 plus free shipping!

commission call [08 March 2007|11:26AM]

[ mood | busy ]

reasonably professional local seamsters/seamstresses:

a coworker of mine's daughter needs a prom dress. she knows exactly what she wants, and most likely she will want it in crepe-backed tangerine satin, bias-cut. it will pay decently.

let me know if interested. i have too many web projects going on right now: i just don't have the time to mess with it.


some more doohickeys [27 December 2006|05:52PM]

[ mood | random ]

acessory-nessCollapse )

It's sort of like labeling the contents. [25 December 2006|06:12PM]

[ mood | evil ]

So, Necrotek gave me this Ipod... and I figured that it needed a fitting container.

It's not really that crooked, it's just that the white is very fuzzy. It's made with some black wool yarn I had around, and then felted. The pattern wasn't much of one...
patternCollapse )

repurposed clothing rules. [22 November 2006|12:10AM]

[ mood | cute ]

This was a pair of scrub pants once. They glowed in the dark.

However, after two years of heavy wear in a workplace and three more as pajamas, they'd gotten really shredded at the bottom, and no longer glowed.. Becoming a cute miniskirt was the best option for them.

I put some tattered white net at the bottom. I'm quite pleased. And, no, it's not uneven. My belt is just pulling it up weird.
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Waterproofing [26 May 2006|01:23PM]

Is there any way to waterproof rice paper?

A quick google came up with nothing.

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Swap meet at Denver Fabrics [09 February 2006|02:05PM]

"Is there a chance that you have some fabric you’re not sewing? Notions you’ll never use? Patterns you’re not going to make? Books you’re not going to read again? Trims that didn’t make it onto your garment? Finished projects someone else might enjoy?

Come to our swap meet. Anyone can participate. It’ll be just one big swap free-for-all with just one rule—no cash changes hands. It’s all just pure old fashioned trading. We provide the place, the space and tables.

Be there and be part of the fun.

Thursday, February 16 · 7:00 to 9:00 PM

Main Store & Annex South
2777 W. Belleview ·Littleton, CO 80123

Annex North
5320 N. Sheridan · Arvada, CO 80002"

I'm not certain if it's just at the main store or what....

Att art bus fans. [23 January 2006|10:43AM]

Apparently the Colorado dept of transportation is trying to shut down the monthly art bus.

For those of you unaware of what the art bus is, it is a group of folks who dress up to reflect a theme that changes monthly, and visits all the galleries on first Friday.
Ordinarily a donation was also asked of those riding the bus, primarily to cover gas costs.
This is what's happening now:

"I received this letter from our wondrous bureaucracy this week...

Oh what fun it is to try and fun in the world today ... hey.

They sent the letter registered, return receipt.
My mail carrier failed to get signature or receipt,
leaving it w/ paperwork still attached in my mailbox.

Is driving friends to art galleries in your RV really illegal?

dragon daud
ArtAtArt mailing list"

Pass this on to anyone who you may think is interested, anyone who may offer legal advice, and overall spread the word.
This is ridiculous.
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Detoxifying Mustard Bath Salts [27 December 2005|04:03AM]

It sounds wierd but mustard baths are known for opening the pores and clearing the body of toxins.
I made this recipe last night and I am pleased with the results, so I thought I would share.
What you will need

Baking Soda
Dry Mustard
Rosemary Oil
Eucalytus Oil
Thyme Oil
Majorana Oil
Wintergreen Oil

Mix the large quantities of the baking soda and dry mustard together with your hands. Add a few drops of each oil next. Mix with hands. Add four scoops to water and soak. Viola it's that easy.
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[26 November 2005|10:49PM]

I finished my daughter's Pink Train dress today. I just have to add buttons to the straps but I need her cooperation for that. I also added pictures of her Turkey Dress that I made for Thanksgiving.
PicturesCollapse )
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As Zorro says: [07 November 2005|04:40PM]

"There is no shame in being poor, only in being poorly dressed"

So what's a girl to do when her wardrobe lacks and she has no funds?
Why she
makes herself something cute, that's what.Collapse )
X-posted like a mutha
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Book binding [06 November 2005|03:15PM]

Can anyone suggest a place where I can bind a book for a reasonable price? I have some college essays that I would like to make into a book for Christmas presents, but I have no idea where to start. Thanks.

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Halloween time! [29 October 2005|04:55AM]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I've created two new pieces for my Halloween display that's in front of my house. Well, one was made to be part of the decorations, and the other was a commission piece. They were both made out of papier-mache, because it's really easy to acquire and is quite durable. They were also painted with acrylic paint and spray paint. Finally, they were coated with Scotch Guard heavy duty water repellant, which works great, even in snow.
If you remember last year, then the last pic might look familiar, because it has the decorations I posted about last year in it, along with the new piece.
I tried to make the pics small enough to not be a nuisance, but large enough to show all of the details.

Image hosted by

Click to see more Collapse )

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[28 October 2005|05:17PM]

Anyone here interested in doing some boring stitch work for money? My Boy bought a Utilikilt that fits his waist, but is too long. I'd attempt to hem it myself except he sometimes wears his kilts to work, and with all those pleats I'm afraid I'll mess it up horribly.

Anyway, if interested, email me (melonaise at livejournal) with a price estimate and maybe a few images of pieces you've done as a sort of reference.

Less applicable to the community, but-- I'm also looking for recommendations of a good cobbler. He has a pair of boots he loves, but they're falling apart, and I'd love to get them repaired if possible.
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